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 The Motivation 

 Why do we do it?


Hi LUZA friend,


Like you, I graduated from Escuela Superior Luz America Calderon HS, originally known as Villa Carolina V, or "LUZA"; located in Carolina, Puerto Rico. As the years' pass, many of our classmates remain in contact with each other, even though they have moved to the USA while some remain on the island.

We have managed to celebrate a few reunions throughout the years and there's always the opportunity to share memories when we reconnect. It occurred to me that we did not have a place to get those items that may bring back the memory of those reunions and the opportunity to announce the next event. That's where the idea of this website started.

Purchasing our LUZA products is also a way to contribute to the next celebration of any class that is registered with us. By purchasing the class products you are also contributing to making this website possible. If interested in promoting your class, contact us with your questions and details.

Visit our store and look around, you may find something you like and wish to purchase online.

We thank you for your friendship and the memories!

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